WCG 0.5.1
30-Ago-2005 12:00 - Minor feature enhancements
Graphic restyling in evry page; small bugfixes

WCG 0.5
15-Sep-2003 06:48 - Major feature enhancements
A new set of pieces was added. Long and short castling is now supported (without check control). "Back" and "next" links were inserted for faster browsing.

WCG 0.4
28-Aug-2003 05:33 - Major feature enhancements
A powerful checking of legal move ; changes in the layout of chesstable ; bugfixes

WCG 0.3
07-Aug-2003 05:33 - Major feature enhancements
A new layout was implemented with CSS. Password protection was added for the rooms, but you can also easily play without password protection. The new initial page is more intuitive and easy to use.

WCG 0.2
02-Aug-2003 11:28 - Major feature enhancements
WCG is more easy to use, and there are now 5 rooms to play chess separately.

WCG 0.1
26-Jul-2003 16:17 - Major feature enhancements
This release changes the graphical appearance, removing the frames and improving the optimization of images and spaces. It's now possible to move the pieces by just clicking the mouse.

WCG beta7
11-Jun-2003 03:33 - Minor feature enhancements
An "undo move" button and a yellow popup were added, and some improvements were made to the admin section.

WCG beta6
24-May-2003 01:55 - Major feature enhancements
A "turn display" was added to the chess table, and "turn select" was included in the menu to view the previous movement. An initial basic filter to prevent incorrect moves was added, the code was commented, and bugfixes were made.

WCG beta5
12-May-2003 06:01 - Major feature enhancements
An info bar was added to the top of the interface. It displays the turn's color and what happend during the last move. An optimization was made for frame reloading. Bug fixes were made.

WCG beta4
07-May-2003 08:11 - Minor feature enhancements
A new frameset was added. Code optimization and minor bugfixes were done.

WCG beta3
06-May-2003 04:25 - Initial freshmeat announcement
About: WCG (Web Chess Game) is a Web-based chess game written in PHP. Text files are used for storing data and the installation is very easy.
Project are released under GPL License by Tommaso Vitale .it © 2007